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Last week, I had a ton of fun writing a guest post over at I super respect what Seth and the team are doing to build community and culture through their deep appreciation of their artists and reggae music. I had the pleasure of writing about one of my favorite albums; Wasted Days by The Slackers. It was highly influential in my life and my approach to music. Hope you guys can enjoy the read. Check it out here!

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We are a RareBreed…


  I remember being around 7 or 8 years old and finding a VHS tape in a stack of movies next to the VCR. It was a green case with a black man holding a microphone. He was wearing a bright red suit jacket and you could see the sweat dripping from his forehead. He had quite the intriguing smile. His expression revealed his passion and love for performing. You just saw it in the glow of his eyes. The title read “Marvin Gaye’s Greatest Hits Live”. The back cover gave you a brief history of Marvin’s life mentioning briefly his start at Motown and how he went on to be one the world’s biggest stars. From the moment I pushed the tape into the VCR and hit play I couldn’t take my eyes away. While watching I instantly fell in love with Marvin “the performer”. I was already in…

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Coming 2015

Can't wait to show you the rest of this teaser!

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Welcome to My New Site!


This is where you'll get a close up view in my life and explorations. Along the way there will talks of faith, the arts and culture. Everyone once in a while we may even talk sports. (Both the Huey Lewis album and the actual sporting events themselves)

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From sunny california....

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